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Gold wedding rings are very traditional and when it comes to buying the perfect symbol of their future life together, gold is exactly what many couples choose. However, this is not the only option available, and men in particular are selecting wedding rings made from titanium or palladium. And tungsten wedding rings are also becoming very popular.

Like gold, these newer jewelry metals are hypo-allergenic. But, unlike gold, which is a very soft metal, palladium, tungsten and titanium are very hard. This means that they can be set with gemstones directly without any risk of them falling out. And wedding rings made from titanium, palladium or tungsten can also be engraved with intricate patterns which will not wear off over time. All this means that a titanium, tungsten or palladium wedding ring will keep its beauty for a lifetime.

Palladium rings are naturally white and shiny and have the appearance of a glamorous white gold band. However, coming from the same family as platinum, palladium Men’s wedding rings are very much harder and can be set directly with gemstones. This makes palladium a very popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Palladium is also far cheaper than platinum, and so is a cost effective choice for couples on a tight budget and has the advantage of never needing rhodium plating like so many 9K white gold choices.

Titanium is a light metal which is also very strong. Titanium wedding bands are available in colors ranging from mid gray through to black. There is often iridescence to the appearance of titanium and some wedding bands can appear to have a very attractive blue-green tint to them.In contrast to the other two metals, tungsten wedding rings weigh virtually the same as equivalent platinum rings. Tungsten is an exceptionally hard metal, so hard in fact that it cannot easily be set with gemstones. And all tungsten jewelry is virtually indestructible. This means that all tungsten wedding rings must be made bespoke because they cannot be re-sized once cast.

However, this does not mean you have to settle for a plain wedding band if you decide you want a tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten can hold a laser pattern, which means that it can be beautifully decorated with a wide range of styles and patterns. The resultant wedding ring can range from palest white metal look, to shiny gray to dark grays and black.

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