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A kettlebell is an orb (spherical object) with a handle. They are usually a cast iron weight, although you can find them made with a wide variety of materials today. The cast iron kettlebells are what they were originally made from and they are, by far, the most durable of all kettlebells.

So what’s all the hype with these things?

They’re incredible fitness tools. When you do a kettlebell workout, your entire body from head to toe is engaged in the movement. This improves your balance, focus and it all is constantly working those hard to reach core muscles. And we all know it all starts at the core.

Another thing to note is this, it’s “kettlebell.” Not kettle bell or kettle ball. Some people get confused with that, and as soon as you experience the incredible fat burning,body leaning results of kettlebell workouts, you won’t care how it’s spelled.

When you’re choosing a kettlebell for your kettlebell workouts, there’s one thing you must make sure of. Make sure the handle of your kettlebell is smooth. I don’t care if you have to pay a little more for it either, your hands will thank you. If you buy cheap kettlebells with rough handles, they will tear up your skin and you won’t be able to do any kettlebell routines at all. So a smooth handle is a must. I can’t this emphasize this enough.

The earliest mention of the kettlebell was found in some cast iron kettlebells Russian writings in 1704. So this fitness tool has stood the test of time. And for something to be stick around for over 300 years and to actually be gaining popularity after that long of time, it must do something right. In 1913 Ludvig Chaplinskiy wrote in the Russian magazine Hercules, “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics.” Thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline for bringing the kettlebell to America. He offers incredible books and dvd’s, as well as kettlebells ranging from 10lbs to 106lbs. If you can swing a 106lb’er, you got it going on. In Russia, back in the day, if you could swing a 72lb’er, that was how you became a man.

But ladies, don’t let that scare you. The kettlebell will burn fat and lean up your body faster than any other fitness tool on the market. And it will hit those hard to reach spots too… you know the areas I’m talking about. It won’t make you bulky at all, unless that’s what you’re looking for. One of the best products on the market, and I offer it on my site, ‘kettlebell is king,’ is Kettlebell Goddess. And I don’t know of anyone who thinks a bulky woman is a goddess. This is a muscle toning, body leaning workout.

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