If you can successfully hide from your own facts, you have achieved “something”. It may be a lot of elaborate nothing, but, you feel like you have achieved something until you see reality as it is after you have “successfully” hid from it. Everyone in life has their “my fault” moments, sure, everyone wants to feel like they have some winning ace card or joker123 card coming from up their sleeve that will absolve them especially at those seemingly embarrassing moments. But genuine success is a funny thing: When you learn from those mistakes and embarrassing moments, that is the winning ace card or joker card for success on the next attempt and as long as there is consciousness and energy, there is a next try. That is the beauty of existence. No does not always mean no, as yes does not always mean yes, especially in a state of denial.

The game of energy control and change is the game of life and the reality of existence. “Ultimate success” in hiding from the facts is permanent death. As we can tell by the nature of existence, energy, consciousness and life, that does not really exist. So, I will put it this way realistically: Temporary failure always gives you another chance at success. Note, I put nothing in quotes in that sentence.

Sometimes it would seem nice if we could genuinely hide from the facts instead of learn from them, if we do not like the facts. But, like I said, “ultimate success is death” or “the end of chances”. Temporary failure always gives you another shot at the title. What I am saying is as long as there is existence, there is a chance. Sure life is a game of judgement, persistence and knowing when to do. The only good effort that is a failure is an effort to totally genuinely avoid, and totally avoid any temporary failure or genuinely quit.

So, I will end with this: The person who fails at almost everything they do, and succeeds finally without quitting is almost always better off than the person who is given success on a “silver platter” without effort. With all that I have written before that, you know why I say that as the culmination of this article for the failure who ultimately succeeds is the archetypical joker card person, and the “easy success on a silver platter” person is the ace that usually folds at the first loss without proper experience of how to continue, reinvent themselves and repeat the win later after understanding is gained. Sure, each person is different and each action and reaction is different and there are not any blanket realities. But, how it goes is how it goes. Understanding comes through productive experience in all things, misunderstanding does come from early quitting, fear and acknowledging “the end”. We all have a choice.

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