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If you have ever been to Chicago, you know it is one of the greatest walking cities in this country. As I walk around the city, I cannot help but notice the variety of interesting shoes that women are wearing; from designer gym shoes to six-inch heels. What I find most interesting is the variety of high-heeled shoes out this season- everything from the popular stiletto to the revival of the 70’s platform high heel shoe. As I soak my feet from walking around the city for three days on 5 inch heels I wonder why we do it-what makes the heel so fabulous that I, and hundreds of thousands of women, buy heels and spend a fortune on them? (A pair of women’s shoes can range from $25 to $800 plus depending on the manufacturer and the materials used.) There is truly a love/hate relationship with the high heel; women love them for making them feel sexy, sophisticated, and confidant, and hate them for the discomfort that they cause from extended use and an improper fit. According to my sister, a veteran of the shoe industry, it is all about the pitch and the arch when it comes to comfort in wearing a high heel.

Shoes are one of the oldest inventions of our ancestors. They were first created from a piece of hide or plaited grass in order to protect feet from sharp rocks and rugged terrain. Shoes are referred to in the Bible and depictions of high heels dating back to 4000 BC have been found on the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs. The wedding of the Italian born Catherine de Medici to the Duke of Orleans in 1533 in France brought high heels into vogue for women. This fashion forward royal insisted on having heels made for her in Florence prior to the wedding. The vertically-challenged bride created the rage in Paris for the new “It” shoe. Renaissance man (artist and inventor) Leonardo da Vinci is rumored to be one of the inventors Rank Math/Yoast SEO SetUp of high heel shoes.

Fashion has always trumped comfort when it comes to women’s shoes. The high heel can work wonders for a woman’s figure, far more than buying a new bra or dropping ten pounds. A great heel can make a woman’s leg look long and shapely, lift the tush, and make your hips sway. It really can be a confidence boost. Who doesn’t want to look sexy and feel confident by adding a fashion accessory to their wardrobe?

Lea Goldman, features editor for Marie Claire Magazine, was recently reported saying; she’s utterly convinced that high heels can empower women at work. She said they help women look and feel confident and self-assured, and they also help them stand out from the pack.

Because women’s shoes fill many roles, from comfort and function to fashion and personal style, several new brands are merging and older ones are reinventing themselves in order to help women that have issues with their feet find fashion and comfort all in one shoe. From the runway to 5th Ave and Main Street, veteran shoe designers and foot care professionals are combining the luxury and style that Catherine de Medici wore in 1533 with invisible comfort technology in order to create cushioned and supportive shoes for the women that love wearing a 5 inch heel.

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