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The idea of Christmas being fundamentally all about present giving and Santa Clause is not a part of the early Christmas tradition but the consequences of a westernised tradition. Now it seems in the year 2009 gift giving, is all about competition, who gives the best Christmas gifts. Every year family members compete for who can give the best gift. In some homes husband and wife go head to head in an attempt to deliver the best Christmas gift. Sometimes the best gifts can be as simple as spending time with loved ones.

So amidst all the pressure to have a better Christmas than last year, present the best gift, have the best Christmas decor time needs to be taken to ensure that the real meaning of Christmas is not lost. Every year school kids gather in the playground and list their best Christmas gifts and to most that what Christmas is all about, a chance to receive the best gift to come and brag about in class.

Times have changed drastically in the 60’s the best Christmas gifts would have be a hand made car or a Christmas stocking or simply some pudding after the meal itself. In 2009 what is deemed the best Christmas gifts are the ones that range from pricey to extortionate. This year being one of the worst financial years all over the world many people have set a budget. Many online stores are now making the best Christmas gifts on the market affordable for those hit by the recession.

As a kid do you remember the Christmas gifts piled high under the tree all shapes and sizes. You would either open the biggest present first or last because you thought it must be the best gift. How often did you find that the huge present with multi-coloured wrapping and bow was not what you thought it would be, in fact it wasn’t even amongst the best Christmas gifts you got that year.

Every year millions of homeless people sleep on the streets at Christmas they say the best Christmas gift anyone could possibly give them would be food and a nice warm bed, even if it was just for a night. Remember that for millions of starving children around the world their best gift is unlikely to be the latest Nike trainers, Xbox game or touch screen phone. Instead clothes on their back and a chance to live to see each day would be the best Christmas gift they could ever wish for.

‘Good things come in small packages’, ‘the best things in life are free’ these are all statements we should take in board and thing about during the festive season. The best Christmas gifts aren’t always the biggest flashiest present. The best gifts are sometimes the small subtle things such as ran acts of kindness, giving to the homeless, caring for you neighbour. Acts of love these are the most affordable and possibly the best Christmas gifts ever.

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