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Natural hormone replacement therapy is an idea who’s time has come. It’s the latest most up to date approach to fighting the aging process that science can offer. Also known as bioidentical hormone therapy, it offers the chance for aging men and women to live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives.

What is it? How does it work? Can antiaging through natural hormone balancing actually work? These are some of the questions this article will answer, and give you a good overview of just what natural hormone therapy is about and how it can help you.

Declining Hormones and Aging

Our hormonal system like the rest of the body doesn’t work as well when we get older. This causes a drop in many of the hormones our bodies need to run properly and be healthy.

Hormones are kind of like chemical messengers that attach to our cells and provide instructions that tell the cells what to do. This is kind of like software for our bodies. Without this programming provided by our hormones, our bodies don’t function properly and we lose our health.

Natural hormone replacement therapy can supplement the hormones that have declined as we age and help prevent the negative effects of having low levels of important hormones. This is well established in medical science, but there is some controversy over just HOW this should be done.

Problems with synthetic hormones

Prior to the introduction of natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, doctors used synthetic hormones to supplement those that were declining in the body. These hormones were not identical at the molecular level to what our bodies actually produce, and so they caused some dangerous side effects, such as breast cancer, and heart disease.

These synthetic hormones were made in a way that they could be patented by drug companies and sold for more money. Because a natural molecule cannot pe patented, the drug companies would alter the molecule just enough to be able to get a patent on it.

These alterations are what caused the side effects, and once it became know that synthetic hormones (especially synthetic estrogens) caused these problems, doctors stopped using them.

Enter bioidentical hormone therapy…

Bioidentical hormone therapy is done by doctors using hormones that while they are synthetically prepared, are identical to what your own body makes. For this reason they do not produce the side effects that patented hormones do.

Unfortunately the drug companies have created a disinformation campaign to discredit natural hormone replacement therapy because it competes with their products. They know that many people have gravitated to natural hormone therapy, and thus they are losing market share to these natural products.

Natural hormone balance using bio identical hormone replacement, is in fact safer. It has been used in Europe for many years and has a good safety record there. In addition, the therapy protocol for these natural hormones is done differently as you will see.

Natural hormone balancing

This treatment is done by specially trained doctors who are knowledgeable about natural hormone replacement. They use blood and saliva testing to determine the levels of a person’s hormones, and which ones are out of balance.

Then the doctor creates a customized prescription that is sent to a special pharmacy called a “compounding pharmacy.” These pharmacies create a custom blend of hormones according to the doctor’s prescription. This customized hormone preparation is unique to each patient, and contains only the hormones that are needed in the precise amounts to achieve the right balance for that patients body.

The patient returns to the doctor for follow up tests to see how they are responding to the therapy and the doctor adjusts the customized hormone preparation according to the results of the tests that are done.

This process is a way of precisely balancing a person’s hormones so they are brought back into the normal range for optimal health.

What form do these natural hormones come in?

Natural hormone replacement therapy can come in several forms, such as:

transdermal creams
pellets implanted under the skin
capsules or pills that are taken internally

What benefits can I expect from natural hormone replacement therapy?

Natural or bio identical hormone replacement therapy can alleviate age related hormonal problems of both men and women.

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