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The Good News

Grab your Philippine passport and start travelling to almost 50 countries of the world – NO VISA! Yep, you read that right! Filipinos, being citizens of the third-world, experience the ordeal and nightmare of getting that VISA to travel almost anywhere around the world freely. Why not skip the drama and start with VISA-free countries – there’s quite a lot of them, really! If you hold a Philippine passport, you are entitled for a borderless travel to several countries without visa or issued right at the airport. Ready?

The Nightmare

It’s a typical scenario for a Pinoy to get that awful “Denied” stamp on his passport after queueing up all day for the visa processing. This is very true to all the third world countries. Pinoy Teleserye It became a stereotype to refer to poor countries as “third world” because most of them were extremely poor, and non-industrialized. The so-called “core” countries created borders somewhat separating them to the “periphery” countries in the world system. Hence, you need to get the VISA to travel, literally, almost everywhere, apart from having the passport issued by your own country.


While major countries stick to their border rules, strictly and religiously, there are some countries who have made visa arrangements or visa exemptions for nationals visiting with genuine purpose of tourism or even for business. Ecuador, for example, has one of the most lenient visa policies in the world as most visitors are not obliged to obtain a visa for stays up to 90 days. Some countries also issue visas upon arrival or right at the airport.

Borderless Travel for Filipinos

Philippine Passport holders, of course, can enjoy almost 50 countries of the world on a visa-free trip. Here’s a partial list:

Country Notes

1 Anguilla 4 WEEKS

2 Bolivia 59 DAYS

3 Brazil 90 DAYS

4 Brunei Darussalam 14 DAYS

5 Cambodia 21 DAYS

6 China Issued at PORT OF ENTRY (Hong Kong/Macau)

7 Colombia 90 DAYS

8 Costa Rica 30 DAYS

9 Cook Islands 31 DAYS

10 East Timor Visa on arrival

11 Equador 90 DAYS

12 Fiji no visa

13 Haiti 3 MONTHS

14 Hong Kong Sar 14 DAYS

15 India Visa on arrival (30 days)

16 Indonesia 30 DAYS

17 Iran Visa on arrival

18 Israel Visa on arrival

19 Korea 30 DAYS Jeju Island

20 Lao 30 DAYS

21 Macau 30 DAYS

22 Maldives 30 DAYS

23 Marshal Islands Visa on arrival

24 Micronesia 21 days

25 Mongolia 21 DAYS…

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