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There is an abundance of over designed, tricked out websites out there that do not match the person. Your new fancy, shmancy hub you just bought might not be representing the real you. You are now saying, “WHAT? I just paid big bucks for this thing – it better be right!” Now, don’t get me wrong a well designed hub can do wonders for conversions and attracting the right people. IF it represents you well. You can stand out like a leader with a professionally designed hub, you can have people say, “wow look at him”. My question to you is – is your hub doing you a favor?

As a 20 year veteran in design before my career switch to professional home business owner, I worked with countless brands. Most of them were high quality, well known, like Nike, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nasdaq, and Sony to name a few. They have something going for them as a brand that you may not. They have consistency, they have positioning, they show the real brand – no matter what. You might be asking yourself at this point, “How do I know if I have what they have?” Most likely, you don’t have it all put together yet. But I will tell you how you can become a lookingslick brand that people trust through your image.

You probably already know by now that people join a business for the people, not the company. They have to trust you. You have to show them the real you, and be consistent. Some of your messaging, as slick and cool as you think it is, might be misrepresenting you. You want them to see you everywhere, and know that is the same person, and not do any double takes. Colors, images, fonts all play a part in your brand image. You have to show up well branded as YOU. Don’t try to be someone you are not. People are smart they will pick up on the inconsistencies, and hesitate when you want them to buy.

At this point, you might be saying, what is she really saying? I will give you a specific example that will help paint your picture. Let’s say that you’re a down to earth guy who has spent the last 5 years painting homes. You normally wear jeans and a t-shirt, maybe a Carhart jacket. You talk simple, truthfully, and frankly. Now let’s say you are using YouTube and a blog, and twitter for your marketing. Those three areas have visuals that represent you. First off, video does not lie, it actually reveals everything. If you are on a video, they know you through your tone, placement, background, clothes, speed of talking, etc. If you are in your jeans and tee, talking frank and honest, and then on your hub/ blog you are slicked out with neon – there is an inconsistent message.

I am not saying that if you wear jeans and tees in your videos people won’t trust you. What I am saying is that your hub needs to reflect you better. Clearly, the slicked up version is not the real you – so meet in the middle of where you have been, and where you are going. So, my recommendation would be to pick a background for your blog image that represents YOU, not what you think people want to see. If I see any more sites with money and tricked out graphics I am going to vomit. What will stand out is by showing people you are for real!! So in the case of our example, the blog header might have a background of the guy sitting on a rock in the outdoors in a forward posture leaning in. Colors would not be neon and harsh colors, they would be natural and harmonic. Because, here is the real deal. People will find out the real you – especially through video. So embrace it, connect the dots for them. Don’t make them question – is this the same guy or girl? Is this fancy internet marketer the same family guy on the YouTube video? Be consistent with colors (in and out of video), be consistent with style.

I am concerned for all of the network marketers who are now using personal branding, and missing the mark. It will hurt you if you don’t get it right. If you hire someone to do your designs – make sure they know you. It is critical to your success. They are representing YOU – don’t assume they will just do something cool, and that will work for you. You want someone who will provide you with questions that you can answer, and that will clarify who you are, and where you are going. It will help you convert way better!

So why is this important to resolve immediately? The longer you wait, the longer your message is mixed and your leads, and potential leads are doubting your abilities. Your income will grow when you can show that you are a well respected brand, and your image will shine with confidence.

Get going, look at all the places where you have visual branding and messaging. Ask yourself, is this consistent? Are the colors really representing the real me? Are the fonts traditional, or modern? Just because you think it is cool, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Write down all the places you have a image background, like twitter, YouTube, your blog. If you are missing the mark – take action – get it fixed as soon as you can. It can be adjusted pretty quickly and inexpensively with the right resources.

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