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There are many myths about college and the college experience. The information below is to assist you in dispelling the some of the myths about attending College.

Myth: Your school college advisor can provide you with all of the information you need to know about attending college.

Fact: College advisors can only give you limited information about college acceptance, attendance and financing. With the increased level of competition to enter college, it is imperative that you seek out resources on your own.

Myth: Most parents (and students) have a savings plan for their child to attend college.

Fact: Very few families save in advance. If you have not started saving by now, the best way may be to obtain funding through scholarships and grants or through implementing the tools to attend college for FREE. Financial aid is another possible resource and can be an effective way in helping you with the cost of college.

Myth: You have to be really smart to attend college.

Fact: There is a college for everyone who wants to attend and everyone who is willing to study and put forth the effort to graduate.


The Numbers

14.5 million students are enrolled in the 3,638 US based Colleges; 12.5 million are enrolled at the undergraduate level.

79% of students attend public colleges; 21% attend private colleges.

56% are full time students.

23% are minorities.

70% are enrolled in the Aegean College of their first choice.

81% attend colleges in their home state.

50% of all college freshmen come from families with incomes of $30,000 to $75,000.

45.2% of American adults have some college education.

U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Department of Education.

With economics being the way they are, and the cost of living continuing to increase, we wonder why more people don’t attend college. Many are of the belief that college is still an unreachable goal. This may be because their parents never attended college. It may be because those around them have told them that college is difficult or that they will never make it through the college process. And, this cannot be further from the truth! Anyone who wants to attend college can go to college and a college education is the best way for you to guarantee professional success.

A college education shows that you have the tenacity to take the next step in academic achievement. A college education shows that you made the decision to become a well rounded individual and that you’ve taken the time to study a few subjects that may be out of your comfort zone. Yes, you will have to study English, math and science. You may even have to study chemistry, physics and biology, but when you finish, you will have knowledge on numerous topics that you could not acquire any other way. That is the true purpose of college at the undergraduate level. To make you a generalist, with the intent of you becoming a specialist in a specific vocational area.

A recent study indicated that 78% of high school students want to attend college. This study further detailed the three top reasons why most students don’t attend college. The third most frequently cited reason why students don’t attend college is because their parents didn’t attend. But there are many things that you do that your parents didn’t do. Your parents didn’t have 3D video games, your parents did not have MP3 players nor did they grow up with the concept of going green. Throughout your lifetime you will do numerous things that your parents have not done. So saying that your parents didn’t do it is a weak excuse.

The second most cited reason why some students don’t attend college is because they don’t know what to study. Many people are not sure about what they want to do with their lives. Just because you’re not sure of your future does not mean that you need to become stagnant. College will expose you to many professions and opportunities that you may not be aware of. College will make you aware of vocations within vocations and professional opportunities that may be perfect for your personality. So this is definitely not a good reason not to attend.

The number one reason cited as why students do not attend college is finance. Money! And once again this is ridiculous. Financial resources should not serve as a hindrance to your attending college. Funding is available through various sources, through various organizations, through various means for anyone who wants to attend college. And anyone who takes the time and a little effort can quickly and easily find and make use of these resources.

Last year over $300 billion dollars was available in college scholarship and college resource funding, and a high percentage of this funding was never accessed due to students not searching, not applying and not making use of the resources available.

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