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I am sure you understand the debilitating effects of cigarette smoke to our body. This does not only weaken the lungs. The smoke emitted by cigarettes can damage the structure of the skin.

Many chronic smokers suffer from the appearance of premature wrinkles and fine lines. It is easy to look old if you smoke a lot of 電子煙. But if you want to get rid of these signs of skin aging, you have to do the following tips:

1. Stop smoking right now. You have to get rid of this bad vice or you will surely ruin the quality of your health.

2. Increase your intake of berries, nuts, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Make sure your meals contain these foods.

Berries contain lots of antioxidants that can help fight the bad effects of harmful free radicals. The bad thing about smoking is that it prompts the appearance of harmful free radicals. These single electrons tend to damage cells and DNA in the body. But through antioxidants, you can protect your cells. Nuts are ideal sources of copper. They help produce peptides. Peptides work in plumping up skin cells and boosting collagen production.

Citrus fruits contain hefty amounts of Vitamin C and A. Vitamin C improves the production of collagen. Vitamin A can help heal damaged skin tissues and cells. This can speed up the healing process of the dermis. Green leafy vegetables also contain copper. In addition to that, they are ideal sources of fibers that can flush out toxins in the body.

3. Use activated charcoal as a facial mask. This can draw out impurities, toxins, chemicals and poisons in your body without being invasive. It helps get rid of the chemicals from smoke. You can mix it up with cornstarch and rose oil. Apply it on your skin. Let it stay there for about an hour before washing it off.


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