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Are you struggling at trying to generate free quality targeted leads online using the internet and social media platforms like Facebook? Getting the right training to master MLM lead generation training is all around you. However, it is your duty to take the training you attain and apply it.

Law of Reciprocity

The best way you will ever be able to generate leads anywhere, especially lead generation instagram, is to utilize the law of reciprocity. This law simply states in order to expand you first have to give. My mentor always told me, “In order to get more get value, all you have to do is give more give value.” These days so many people are thinking “hurry up I need to get paid”, instead of being patient and figuring out what the other person needs to succeed in their business.

Present Your Authority

The more you expand your message, the more you will attract more people to you. If your message is the right message, you will draw a large crowd of hungry prospects wanting to see and experience what you have. In elementary terms, effective lead generation is nothing but an agreement between two people.

The person who likes and agrees with what you have to say will make every effort to receive more of that same value. Thus, it is critical that you practice persistence in the market place to put your tribal stamp of authority out in the open so other people will see you as the expert and not the novice. This strategy alone will attract a ton of targeted qualified leads to you like water.

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