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Any time you experience a natural disaster or a family emergency, getting your loved ones out of the house in time is critical to avert potential life-threatening danger, injuries or fatalities. Escaping your home in an emergency is possible by devising the right plan and maintaining communication with the children and other members of your household at all times.

Review the Layout of Your Home

It is important to have a clear understanding of the full layout of your home before you can devise a working escape route with your family. Draw the layout of your home on a piece of paper, labeling each room and hallway that you have available to use. Include information about ground floor windows and other doors that can be used to escape in an emergency, such as a back or side door.

Call a Family Meeting

Hosting a family meeting with your spouse, children and anyone else living under your roof is the next step to review the potential disasters or emergencies you may face in the future. Talk openly about potential weather threats as well as other emergencies such as a fire in the home. Give copies of the layout of your home to each person in your household to ensure they are all aware of the specific exits and various hallways that are available to use.

Mention Specific Disasters

Creating an escape room for your family during a fire, flood or even a tornado should all be covered in the family meeting you call. Explain how to properly navigate through the home when experiencing a fire, giving your children an idea of how to escape the home safely. Create a meeting point in the home if possible to ensure your family sticks together.

Emergency Care Kits

Purchase or build your own emergency kit for the home that is adequate enough to serve all of the members in the house. Emergency kits often include first aid items as well as ropes, flares, parkas and other items that come in handy during storms, power outages and fires. Inform every member of your family where the emergency care kit is located. Also, it is highly recommended to review the entire list of items that is within the emergency care kit to ensure each member of the house is aware of what can be used at all times.

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