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Benefits of trade shows do hardly require any repetition. From promoting brands to acquiring sales-leads, and making on-site sales, they can bring out benefits in multitude. But, it depends on how their participants create trade show booths. Creation of them has become easier in the wake of advanced technologies. However, the chances of getting lost in technology and losing sight of the basics are also common. Remember that when it comes to creating such pop up displays, your messages and images need to be simple and your layouts on them should be clean.

Below are the five fundamental elements that all trade fair displays need to include and solutions for using all of those elements to create an impactful display.

a) Visual

b) Headline

c) Company Name & Logo

d) Description

e) Website

Pay Careful Attention to Choose Graphic Display:

Simplicity, clarity and singularity are the most impactful features which need to be incorporated into the layout of the graphic displays to create a memorable canvas and imprint the messages on the memories of the traffic. Verbosity, flowery, confusing and mysterious graphics and art may look good but they are often distracting. Hence, they are thought to be much less impactful as a backdrop for your trade fair message.


Select single and simple image. Keep your attention away from indulging in telling a complex story that scarcely serves your purpose. Explore the digital market thoroughly to exhume the top-rated professional designer who can design the display in simple tone and illustrate the story in effectively terse manner.

Go for Easy-to-remember & Simple Headline:

Say in brief, and trail blazing the memory lanes of the visitors for long time. Selection of words for headlines needs to be made with utmost care and keep them simple, clear and terse. Brevity in saying catches attention strongly. With applying this principle, you will get visitors who didn’t have any plan to visit your booth at all. Those visitors may throw a passing glance at your display at best and, believe it or not, this may often play a fortunate role to grab their attention and help draw them to your booth successfully. Your display should be as bold as possible and that must be in tune with the ambiance. Remember that smart, short and bold message can reach to the remote traffic present in the fair ground. In this context, you should not forget to care about selecting right typeface.


Select easy-to-read and simple typeface. Take a close look over the displays of other companies and see how they are being used in the trade shows. Look how simple and bold graphic pop up trade show displays are playing magic on the minds of the visitors.

Write Description Carefully:

Catching the public attention in the throng of visitors is not an easy task. To do it you have to write tempting description on the displays. The writings should be saying everything in a short and simple way. They need to be convincing, choppy, and able to best describe the images on the displays. Remember that ‘less is more’ and ‘less is impactful’.


i) Use bullet points as many as possible

ii) Write messages tersely

iii) Use less technical terms

iv) Maintain lucidity in language

Professional guidance can help create impactful pop up displays. So, look for them. Keep in mind that you cannot experiment in this field and the opportunities once missed in a trade show may not be revoked, even with applying double efforts in the next time. So, decide to attend such a show once you have gotten smart and professional displays.

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