You know that people are hungry for what you have to offer and you know that they are searching online for it. The problem is you can’t find them and they can’t find you. It’s like you’re both in a very dark room with lots of other people in it making lots of noise and everyone has a blindfold on. And while you know that each other is there you don’t know what to do to find each other. If only there were some signal you could give or a noise you could make that could bring you together…

Well how to generate web traffic is essentially the same problem. How to get your potential customers or clients is the same as trying to get someone in a crowded, dark room with a blindfold on to find you.

There are many ‘signals’ you can use to help people find you in that dark room. Some are paid signals and some are free. So I have made a list of 10 things you can do relatively quickly to get people coming to your site.

1. Make sure the words on your landing page are the same as the words someone has typed in to find someone like you, also make sure you aren’t competing with lots of other sites with exactly the same words!
2. Open a Social Networking account (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or You Tube) target those in the niches you are trying to attract, then send posts there with links back to your site
3. Articles – this is one of my favourite ways to send good quality traffic. Write a short (300 word) article and post it up on If you don’t like writing go to and get someone else to do it for you
4. Maybe you like creating short videos – create one then use to get it out there – but remember to tag it with the right keywords
5. Try a press release at PRweb – this will generate web traffic
6. ‘Ping’ your latest blog post at – this sends out your message right across the internet for servers to pick up
7. We’ve already mentioned Social Networking – but only the non-paid aspect. Try an ad on Facebook or Linked In
8. Submit your site to the top directories like or These are considered high authority by Google so will help you to get up the search results pages
9. Among my all-time favourite ways to drive quality traffic is Google’s Pay-per-click system ‘AdWords’. This is a paid solution but you will get a better return on your investment with this than virtually any other form of advertising.
10. Don’t forget good old ‘word of mouth’ – any networking event or potential client you meet should get your business card with your website address on it.
11. Bonus tip – As you may be aware, traffic comes from having dark web the right keywords and many of the above techniques rely on the relevance and power of your keywords. But the right keywords for your business may not be the ones you think they are. Don’t just choose keywords that have tons of search because these are likely to have tons of competition. So pick keywords without too much competition. Go to Googles’ keywordtoolexternal and this will show you how to do this.

Now I know that not everyone is in a position to take action on all of these techniques. So just try one or two and get started. If you are familiar with some of them and are already using them, then try one of the others.

Also bear in mind web traffic is not easy – it takes time, energy and money. You need to be able to invest at least one of these, two is better, and the best results will come from investing all three.

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