If you are a home business person and you have a website of your own then you know importance of building backlinks. This is because backlinks to your website is excellent search engine bait.

To rank well in the search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing you should to have good number of backlinks to your website. You’ve heard this many this times before.

There are many ways to build backlinks. This article will show you how I use Yahoo! to create backlinks to my home business site. I use this method myself and find that search engines can’t help but fall in love with it.

There are three steps that I do to exploit Yahoo! to get free backlinks how to get wikipedia backlinks to my home business website. You too can follow these steps very effectively.

1. Look out for questions people ask on Answer.yahoo.com. Select questions that are related to your business subject.

2. Provide your useful and respectful answers to the question. Add your link on the resource box.

3. Bookmark your answers to social networking sites.

Let me elaborate these steps farther:

First of all, look for unresolved questions in Answers.Yahoo.com on subjects related to your business.

You can do this by typing a term that is relevant to our business and selecting the advance search option.

Look for an interesting question. When you get one, do a research on the subject in Google and Wikipedia. Your objective is to find useful solution that will solve others problem.

Cross check your response and submit it to yahoo using the “Answer Question” button. Add your website URL in the resource box.

After you’ve submitted your response wait for the answer to be voted for best answer. This can take days or even weeks depending on the time period set by the questioner.

According to the rule book in Answer.Yahoo.com you cannot vote for yourself. However, it is common for people to vote for their own answer.

You don’t have to worry about voting for yourself because your answer is already a good quality and the questioner is most likely to pick it as the best.

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