What do you do when the lights flicker and the elevator in your building gets stuck between floors? If you are a building manager and have a list of emergency numbers handy you can call a variety of service professionals to come out and inspect the electrical panels and circuit breakers, and another service technician to repair the elevator or you can make one phone call sand have both services examined by a professional electrician and elevator repair technician.

Building maintenance services come in a wide array of technicians and service professionals. For some building managers a Rolodex of business contacts can make organizing all of the different service providers more manageable, but for the building manager that has done their homework, making a single call to a commercial property maintenance company that has already collected a pool of professional service solutions makes the organization of the numerous available commercial property services even easier.

By combining the resources of trained and certified professionals in a number of commercial property maintenance services one single entity can provide any of the needed regular maintenance and on demand emergency services that are required by commercial building managers. From grounds keeping landscapers and snow removal experts, to electricians and plumbers, to pest control and property inspectors, the contracted services offered by a single commercial property maintenance company have taken the licensing legwork and background checks out of the hands of the property manager and combined a number of reliable service providers under one roof.

In doing so, single entity service providers have enabled London building managers to make one call instead of several, so that the next time the HVAC system needs to be flushed and the air ducts cleared the building manager can make a single telephone call and have the service scheduled while also arranging for the as needed snow removal from the parking lot in mid-winter.

Instead of scrolling through the Rolodex and looking for the right service provider for the right job, the commercial property manager can simply access one phone number, saving them time and money in the process of setting up all of their commercial property maintenance service needs. Additionally, with the work of tracking down reputable and dependable technicians and contractors already taken care of the building manager can know that they are also saving money by setting up one commercial property services contract and paying only one bill each month.

Through the conglomerate of services managed by a single commercial property maintenance provider, the reoccurring expenses of keeping a professional building up to date and running smoothly a simple chore for the hard working office building managers that are responsible for the comfort and safety of their tenants.

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