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Think your world has just collapsed when your ex tell you it’s over? You are certainly not alone. With Valentine’s day lurking around the corner, one would expect the dating scenario to be lovey-dovey. Not so, according to a survey conducted by Yahoo!

In fact, the opposite seem to be true. Despite the series of festivals in line, December and January was found to be “The Breakup Months” where breakups happen more than usual. Choosing to remain single on Valentine’s Day rather than delaying a breakup? You bet. 84% of those surveyed insist Forever gone that they would not hang on to a problematic relationship just to avoid being alone on festival celebrations.

The sheer number breakups are not due to the harsh winter months. Instead, the survey revealed that people are more likely to reevaluate their relationship during this time and they generally do not want to spend Valentine’s day with just anyone. The logic behind this is probably due to preventing showing up in front of friends and family members with the “wrong” partner. Plus, there is still sufficient time to land someone new to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. Logic does not always work when love involved, as nearly 1/5 believed that Monday is the most suitable day to break up with someone, even though the same group agreed that breaking up with someone at work is a bad idea.

If you have been dumped recently, the research also show that the preferred method to forget about a breakup is concentrating on work, going on a vacation, as well as eating comfort food such as chocolate and ice cream.

Another survey by research firm Market Facts indicates that you are 43% likely to talk to friends and family members, besides watching a lot of TV. 36% of respondent said that they would date other people to get over their ex, while another 22% will choose to get drunk to soothe a heartbreak. 17% chose retail therapy to overcome their breakups and another 10% opted to mend their sorrow far away on a vacation.

However, these grim statistics came as no surprise. Young Americans dating frequency are high enough to experience breakups three times more often as those aged 35-55. The question remained on how one ‘protect’ themselves during this ‘Breakup Season’. Relationship author, T.W. Jackson points out that breakups can be avoided when it is handled in a proper manner. His view on the common methods that people used to overcome a breakup is that by acting according to what their heart feel like acting, instead of behaving the ‘correct’ way, most people unknowingly sabotage their opportunity to reverse a breakup.

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