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I am just back from a trip to Mexico, from beautiful, friendly Merida. It was such a nice respite. At home in the States we were buried in snow. Merida was vibrant, lush, spectacular. My husband and I just went through the process of buying a business. We have been so busy learning, setting things up, hitting the ground running. So this trip to Mexico was absolutely what the doctor ordered. It was a short visit but still the change of pace and scenery proved to be very refreshing. One of our objectives was to experience our furniture firsthand in the colonial homes of Merida. In the process, we got to experience the charm and allure of quite a unique city.

Merida is a Mexican city like no other:

* Merida is growing, developing, shedding its skin. the-beautiful-home You see newly renovated colonial houses next to dilapidated ones, next to utilitarian small homes. The contrasts are fascinating – the opportunities great.
* Merida’s people are warm, friendly, polite. They want to connect with you. They want to share their city with you expecting nothing in return.
* This is a city of awesome churches, modern restaurants, spectacular sunsets with a relaxed pace of life, bustling commerce and loud streets… all in one alluring package.
* Merida, to me, seems poised as a Mexican grand dame waking again to newfound youth, interests and opportunity.
* Merida is a city of great artistry and artisans, beautiful homes and beautiful Mexican furniture, with wonderfully designed interior spaces.


If you want to be in the center of it all, stay at “Merida Centro,” where you can walk to the plazas (squares) for fresh food, local color and beautiful flowers and see the most varied architecture. If this is your choice, however, be ready for traffic, bustling streets and plenty of walking.

Be sure to visit the Northern part of Merida, with its beautiful mansions and upscale restaurants. Ask your driver to take you up “Paseo Montejo,” or better yet take a romantic horse and buggy ride up the avenue.

When people approach you in Merida, you will likely not feel the need to walk away – they will be warm, friendly and they’ll want you to get to know their city – nothing more than that. Feel free to converse with them, ask questions, share your observations. That in itself, is quite beautiful and refreshing.

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