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If you are planning on taking a vacation that involves scuba diving, then it is advisable that you plan as much of your trip in advance as you can.

Make Your Reservations

One of the most important things that you can do before you depart, is to make sure that you make all of the reservations that you need to do before you do anything else. That does not just mean hotel reservations but also make reservations for your trips. Popular areas such as those found around the island of Hawaii are very popular, and this means that if you want to dive in the area, you should book in advance. When the time comes to make your reservations for scuba diving, it is vital that you find out if there are any restrictions or specific requirements to follow. This is for the reason that some diving tour operators often require you to have had previous experience of scuba diving. So it is important that you have the relevant documentation with you, in order to prove to the tour company that you have had previous padi idc gili trawangan diving experience.

Brush Up On Your Skills

If you are fairly new to scuba diving, or you have not dived for a period of time, it may be best to brush up on your diving technique by signing up to a training course or a refresher course. It is not unusual for tours to have difficulty levels, and it is important that you are competent and confident enough to manage a level that you feel comfortable with, and this is where a refresher course can help.

Bring Supplies

As well as making sure that you have the necessary documentation and you are up to speed on your skills, you will also need to bring along any supplies that will be needed. That includes making sure that you have the necessary documentation with you, which proves you have taken, and passed, a scuba diving training course. Most experienced divers prefer to take their own diving gear with them whenever they go scuba diving, and this is includes items such as a wet suit. However, if you are new to it and you do not have your own equipment yet, then you can hire equipment from the scuba company.

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