Are you looking for the best costume to wear for a dress party? The 70’s fancy dress would be your best choice.

The 70’s may be a time of absurdities and weirdness with all the afro hairstyle, sequined dress and bell bottom pants, but it was an era of fun and great music! So much so that it has remained to be a popular theme whenever there is a dress party happening. Ask any fancy dress shop and they will tell you their 70’s costume are the most popular and in demand.

Among the most popular songs of the 70’s are the ones from ABBA and Bee Gees. Dancing Queen and Mama Mia brought in so much fame that up to the present you can still find radio stations playing it while other people are downloading it from the Internet. The musical movie “Mama Mia” from year 2008 starred by Merryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried that featured all of ABBA’s famous songs was without doubt a box office hit especially in UK being the most successful British-made film of all time. Other than this, the music of Bee Gees and dance from “Saturday Night Fever” has brought in so many Tony Manero (played by John Travolta) wannabes all over the globe. Because of this, you can literally find hundreds of different 70’s fancy dress copied from the clothes of the ABBA group, Tony Manero and Elvis Presley.

The 70’s theme also gives women the excuse to wear classy short dresses with matching platforms to get into the groove. Complete the get up with afro wigs and huge accessories like bangles and necklaces; she is definitely a perfect picture of someone coming from the era of fun and glamour. For men, most would want outfits of a disco king. This would include a bright colored shirt that is opened to the waist, trouser pants flared at the bottom that are tight and shiny. To make the look authentic would include a gold medallion in the neck and fake chest hairs. Other guys would love to have an Elvis look-alike wearing white overalls with shiny plus size sequin dress on the front and at the sides of the pants and long sleeves. To perfect the look would be the added side burns! You can also choose to wear tight psychedelic mini dress, put on a Farrah Faucet iconic hairdo, Austin Powers’s glittered costume complete with his famous teeth and so much more. The choices for a 70’s fancy dress are simply tremendous!

What makes this theme so popular other than the famous people and music is the fact that you can simply raid your parents’ wardrobe for something classic from their era. At the same time, the 70’s theme is quite a famous choice on every costume party that you can be sure you will be wearing your fancy dress anytime soon. If you are up to be outlandish, creative and fun for the night, grab a 70’s fancy dress now. It’s a perfect choice!

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